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Late in the Evening” live from West End Books (Wilmington, VT)

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Jason Youngclaus

“Late in the Evening” is a song released by Paul Simon on his 1980 album One Trick Tony. Ironically, Simon himself is anything but a One Trick Pony. He is a diverse songwriter who writes songs pulled from a variety of different styles whether it be Folk (‘Homeward Bound’), Gospel (‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’), Reggae (‘Mother and Child Reunion’). By releasing this song he reinvented himself again with a song driven by a groovy as hell bassline and NY style Cuban/Mozambique drum track. On guitar, it’s basically a unique take on a three chord I-IV-V shuffle. My stripped down acoustic version of the song highlights that aspect of the tune. What is really so wonderful about this song though is the relatable biographical story it tells. Simon is able to distill down what his life has really been all about in his eyes without being haughty or preachy — it’s about music. To me, the message is meant to be: no matter what stage of life I found myself in, music was the light and the way. And that light always seems to shine brightest when? When the sun goes down baby, when the streetlights come on, when you’re dreaming in bed — Late in the Evening. 

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