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Jason Youngclaus

Hey everybody — I am currently in the process of seeking a publisher for my completed poetry manuscript, Little Planet Raisins. The manuscript is currently 79 pages long and has been sent out to a number of reputable poetry publishers and I’ll now have to wait up to six months for a response. Most poetry publishers only publish a few volumes a year so the process of finding the right fit will surely be a challenging one but there’s no chance in hell that I’m going to be deterred because I know how good this volume is. Currently, nine of the poems from the collection are either published in or slated to be published in literary magazines/journals. The 5 poems that you can find in the “Poetry” section of this website will all appear in Little Planet Raisins. If you’re reading this and you have an idea for a publishing house that might be a good fit, or a publishing avenue/network I should be plugged into then let me know! At the bottom of this post I’m including a short write-up that compliments the collection well as well as the current acknowledgements page from the manuscript.  Check out my poems by checking out these magazines/journals where they have appeared. Each one is unique and is always an awesome read! 

Little Planet Raisins’ is a poetry collection rich in sound, imagery and location; singing to its place but at the same time seeking that locale, that little crease in the heart that screams out in defiance against the impossibility of being at home in a universe that is constantly working to throw us out of its way. With their tight lyrical flow, these poems bring us around the planet: through the inner-city neighborhoods of New York City, the cliffs of Greek Islands, the quiet beach communities of New England, the Iroquois North Country, the west coast of Ireland, the artist communities of the Catskill Mountains and more — above all they fill to the core that hardened, unbreakable heart inside — little raisin that it is.

The author and publisher wish to express their grateful acknowledgement to the following publications in which these poems (some in earlier versions) first appeared:

The Esthetic Apostle (“Woodlawn Cemetery’)

From Whispers to Roars (“Speechless”)

Swimming with Elephants Publications (“Trauma Wagon”)

Junto Magazine (“A Man Who,” “Up to my Neck”)

Cathexis Northwest Press (“Final Expenses”)

Lyrical Somerville (“Arthur Avenue”)

The Poetic Bond IX (“History”)Harbinger Asylum (“The Cliffs of Thera”) 

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